Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama Administration Playing Semantic Games, Says "Doc Russia"

DOC RUSSIA is a Marine blogger who provides the following food for thought:

I cannot fathom how the thought that if we stop calling the efforts of one group of people (Islamic fundamentalists) to kill or enslave another group of people (that would be you and I) anything other than a war, it will somehow become anything other than a war. This is like deciding to call rape "unrequested coupling" because then there will be no more rape.

By not calling a thing what it is, this administration is relinquishing the mental keystone necessary for success. If you do not recognize a war as a war, then you will lose. If some guy comes up to you on the street and starts punching you in the face, if you do not call that a fight, then you will lose. You cannot win a contest you refuse to recognize. If I come up to you and snatch your purse, and you call it a scavenger hunt, there is no way you can keep me from robbing you.

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