Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Sermon

Another Thanksgiving has arrived, and once again it is the conservative media – talk radio, blogs, and Web sites, that are cornering the market when it comes to expressing gratitude to Almighty God for preserving the world’s oldest constitutional republic and sparing us for another year from the atrocities of September 11th.

Whenever the liberal media attempt to talk us into another recession, or stir up discontent over things as they are, you can bet your next paycheck that they have an agenda to push. Not content with taking over both houses of Congress, they want to follow up this brilliant achievement by installing a Democrat in the White House.

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So the point Rush is making on his popular radio show, and which other conservatives have reinforced in their own way, is that perhaps we can promote public happiness by setting aside politics for one day out of 365 to thank the Lord for His generosity. In case you don’t have any reasons of your own, here’s a couple of things we can be grateful for:

· We are still the land of opportunity that millions of people around the world would like to emigrate to. Even our bitterest home-grown critics are not standing in line to move to North Korea, Cuba, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, or Somalia.
· Despite the paranoid ravings from the left, we still have freedom of speech. You don’t hear about right-wing death squads squelching dissent, but the greatest threat to our First Amendment rights comes from the left. In the latest burst of P.C. idiocy, schools in the Socialist Republic of Washington have condemned Thanksgiving as a celebration of betrayal of Native Americans!

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