Sunday, December 28, 2008

This Hudna Didn't Quite Last a Decade

Another round of fighting has broken out between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and once again the hudna (truce) was used by the terrorists to rearm. They fired off artillery and rocket rounds at Israel, which quickly retaliated with massive air strikes.

WorldNetDaily reports this curious flip-flop by the Palestinian Authority:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his office today slammed as "barbaric" and "unnecessary" Israel's air strikes in Gaza, but according to top diplomatic sources in Jerusalem, Abbas for months now has been petitioning Israel to launch a massive military raid against his Hamas rivals in Gaza. The sources, speaking to WND on condition of anonymity, said Abbas and his top representatives have waged a quiet campaign for months asking the Israeli government to target Hamas in Gaza just before his term in office is scheduled to expire on Jan. 9.

Free Republic has links to articles, pictures, and YouTube videos of this breaking story.

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