Sunday, January 4, 2009

Manitou Springs CO's Solution to the Fruitcake Problem

NOTE: You don't need to don medieval garb to attend this event. You can wear anything you please, as long as it's warm and comfortable.

The Colorado Springs Gazette ran the following story today:

Townspeople were armed and ready for war.
Heavy artillery lined the park. Soldiers in camouflage and reindeer ears joined forces with knights in black satin for front-line combat.
The missiles: Fruitcakes.
Projectiles were fired from a cannon, sprung from super-duper slingshots, blasted from an exercise bike.
Fling-dingers came out in droves for Saturday’s Great Fruitcake Toss.
No machinery was required. About 100 people simply used their arms to launch that much-maligned holiday dessert. Hundreds others stood in awe to witness this crumb of history being made.
What began 14 years ago as a Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce gimmick draws mad physicists and national media. This year, a crew from cable’s Discovery Channel captured the event that is oh-so Manitou Springs....

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