Monday, April 27, 2009

Mutant Swine Flu Strain Threatens USA! (Revised)

We are aware of reports that swine flu has mutated in Mexico into a form that targets young people in their prime, like the killer influenza of 1918 that took more American lives than World War I. Here are some points I wish to emphasize:

1. Don't panic. You won't be of any use to yourself, your family or your friends if you do.

2. When in doubt, wash your hands, especially if you're going to come in contact with other people or handle food or drink,

3. Stay informed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has pushed swine flu to #1 on its top ten. The President and/or the Surgeon General (when another one is appointed) and other public health officials have started addressing this issue a few hours after this public service announcement was first posted.

4. If you notice flu-like symptoms outside the regular flu season, see a doctor. Tamiflu or Relenza may help if applied early enough.

5. Cover your coughs.

6. You may be told to avoid concerts, church services, and other public events if the epidemic gets any worse.

7. Beware of illegal immigrants. This blog is against illegal immigration, but there is a practical reason for this rule of thumb: they are not subjected to even the most cursory health checkup and could be carriers.

8. Recent visitors to Mexico are another high-risk group.

9. You may need to stock up on food, in case the epidemic gets worse or affects you personally, and you can't leave your home.

10. Although we mentioned this before, we cannot tell you enough times: WASH YOUR HANDS!

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