Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lakemoor, Illinois Woman Gets into Trouble over Toilet Planters

The Daily Herald ran the following story:

One person's garbage can be another's treasure, but can a commode be an "artsy planter"?

Tina Asmus said the village of Lakemoor and some neighbors on Highland Drive are pushing her to remove the front yard "art piece planters" she created using a couple of old toilets and a pedestal sink.
Mayor Todd Weihoffen said he stands behind police who have given Asmus 30 days to remove the toilets from her front yard.

Weihoffen, a plumber by trade, said all he sees on the front lawn of Asmus' home are a couple of "old plumbing fixtures" that should be removed.

"I was elected mayor because voters want the town cleaned up," he said. "If I do not enforce the ordinances about this, then anyone with some junk in their yard can stick a flower on it and call it art."

A quick Internet search will show making a planter out of a toilet isn't a new idea. However, that carries no weight with village officials who say Asmus faces a fine of $25 to $500 starting June 15 if she doesn't comply.

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