Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GM Clarifies Position on Volt "Buyback"

The Ottawa Citizen reports that General Motors' announcement of a buyback offer was not absolute or ironclad. This is an update to our story of 2 December.

"The program we put in place (earlier this week) hasn't changed," said Faye Roberts, GM Canada spokeswoman. "We're going to reach out to our Volt customers and make them aware of the investigation and as part of that, we want them to get any questions they have answered and if they feel uncomfortable then they do have the option of getting a loaner vehicle...."

"On the question of the buyback, I think Mr. Akerson was taken a bit out of context," she said. "He was talking about customer satisfaction, which is really what the whole program is about and we're serious about keeping our customers happy.

"We would ultimately consider all options to meet our customers' expectations, but the program is designed to ensure customers are satisfied and the program doesn't include anything beyond what we talked about on Monday. But of course we're focused on the individual customers and what their concerns and needs are."

GM has sold only 6,000 Volts in the United States and 243 in Canada.

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