Friday, May 29, 2009

Sean Paige Comes Up with an Idea

Sean Paige, in his blog, Local Liberty Online, has proposed that the City of Colorado Springs conduct a referendum to put the second USOC (United States Olympic Committee) deal on the ballot this fall, in light of the fact that the outcome of the first has been so disastrous.

"Rank and file citizens I’ve heard from seem supportive, not surprisingly. A number of city insiders, on the other hand, seem wary, based on the assumption (questionable in my view) that voters would automatically reject any second version, or that USOC will take its bats and balls and go elsewhere, in a huff, if we stoop to asking voters what they think on the matter.

"Such a referendum would be undignified, even humiliating, for the USOC, according to this argument. But it pales in comparison to the indignities suffered by the city and the USOC as a result of the original deal, which was negotiated in secret and rammed through with virtually no public process (or due diligence) by the current City Council, minus one. Compared to the debacle this City Council helped design, a public debate would seem downright dignified...."

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