Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tired of Celebrity Overload? Check Out This Web Site has video treats like these:

Trace Adkins was on the Country Music Awards, and gave a very emotional and moving performance of "Till The Last Shot's Fired," accompanied by the West Point Glee Club. One of the most touching, moving things I've seen. If you can watch this and not tear up, there's something wrong with you. You can download this on iTunes and help raise some money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Something is wrong when a Google search on Michael Jackson turns up more than 62 million hits, but few Americans have ever heard of our nation's oldest living Medal of Honor recipient, John Finn, who turns 100 this month. Great Americans is honored that we were asked by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to celebrate Independence Day by sharing this timeless profile in patriotism as an online video exclusive.


TetVet68 said...

Remember Pearl Harbor -- Keep America Alert!

America's oldest living Medal of Honor recipient, living his 100th year is former enlisted Chief Petty Officer, Aviation Chief Ordnanceman (ACOM), later wartime commissioned Lieutenant John W. Finn, U. S. Navy (Ret.). He is also the last surviving Medal of Honor, "The Day of Infamy", Japanese Attack on the Hawaiian Islands, Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, 7 December 1941.

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Bloodthirsty Warmonger said...

Thank you for bringing our attention to a distinctive set of photos you posted on your Web page. Although my ancestry is Japanese, I owe nothing to my father's old country, and am American through and through; I even served a full career in the U.S. Army.