Monday, October 6, 2008

Acting Like a Man with Something to Hide

Left: Rare photo of Sen. Obama posing with some of the skeletons in his closet.

The Straight Talk Express arrived in Colorado Springs this morning for a short visit to the party faithful. Sen. McCain (presumably preparing for his next debate tomorrow) wasn't there, but three leaders of his campaign came by to tell us things about the candidate that you will not hear in the liberal media. The longest and most vivid reminiscences came from a retired Navy captain (O-6) who used to be McCain's roommate at the Naval Academy. He described how BBC was doing a special on presidential candidates and came to him. They said that McCain's organization was open and cooperative, and that it was quite frustrating to get any information out of Obama.

Norman "Buddy" Bishop has a few choice words to say on the same subject in Political Truth and Fact, "What little is actually known about Obama’s background is not reassuring for normal America."

Discover the Networks provides background information about the company Barack Obama keeps.

It is not just the BBC, but the Telegraph, that is willing to cross the Atlantic Ocean and learn more about Barack Obama than his enablers are willing to tell them, as evidenced by this article, "The Real Obama - Something His Media Coalition Tries to Hide."

In Albuquerque, NM, "...Republican John McCain on Monday called Democratic rival Barack Obama a liar as he leveled his harshest criticism yet, and said the campaign boils down to one basic question: Who is Obama really?"

Sean Hannity generated a lot of buzz with his special report about Obama's radical friends. Check out these YouTube videos.

Dr. Thomas Sowell emphasizes that it's not just guilt by association, but a consistent pattern of alliances, that raises questions about Obama's loyalty and integrity.

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