Friday, October 31, 2008

Trite but True: Every Vote Counts

"The Barnyard" blog says in "If It's Not Close They Can't Cheat: Update," that ..."the title of a book Hugh Hewitt wrote a few years ago...rings ever truer today as the liberal community organizing group with very close ties to Barack Obama, ACORN, is facing charges of voter fraud in several states with new ones coming out in Detroit Michigan. They are already under investigation for fraudulent voter registrations in Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. They were busted for the largest case of voter fraud in Washington state a few years ago. Obama's campaign has paid them more than $800,000 and tried to cover it up for front work for his campaign and get out the vote efforts which for them means voting while dead, illegal or multiple times. Michelle Malkin has been watching them closely for a while now and has the latest from Michigan and much more."

Our advice to you is to disregard the propaganda telling you that next week's election is a done deal, especially for the presidency. The choice is clear, and the difference between the major-party candidates is smaller than most pollsters care to admit.

UPDATE: This just in, a cartoon that illustrates how ACORN will spread Chicago politics into every state it operates in.

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