Saturday, October 11, 2008

Voter Fraud Alert, Part 1

Just as surely as I know the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, there will be voter fraud in this election. What amazes me this year is that not all the complaints are about Democrats. One of the earliest "I see dead people voting" reports comes from Houston, Texas.

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Anonymous said...

"Voter Fraud" is one of the most ridiculous non-issues that the right wing pundits love to bring up. Guess how many votes all the Acorn employees affected combined EVER. Zero. Voter registrations don't count as votes. I registered several times because I changed districts... guess what I could only vote once. Someone is going to commit a federal crime to change one vote? Gimme a break.

Republicans are the kings of voter suppression and the real fraud... Election fraud. Just ask the president of Diebold who he supported in 04. It's not the people casting the votes it's the people counting them. Don't believe me? Go to a Republican run state, check out the voting machines available and lines in poor neighborhoods with and see how much eaiser it is to vote in rich white neighborhoods. In both 00 and 04 2 Republicans CONVICTED of voter suppression.
Voter suppression and election fraud are very real and threaten Democracy in teh US... Voter fraud is a myth. No matter how many times per hour FOX has to repeat the word ACORN until it's burned in the brains of teabag morons, they've never changed a single vote.,_despite_facts/