Monday, January 31, 2011

At the Risk of Providing TOO MUCH INFORMATION...

Because of our blatantly conservative bias, we don't often link to the Guardian (U.K.), but our commitment to reporting the latest in toilet technology has prompted us to do so.

Between the internet, mobile telephony and TV, it's possible to endure relatively few moments in life when you're not being actively entertained. Getting rid of those last fleeting media-free black spots is an important focus for science and Sega's most recent announcement presages the closing of one such gap. Using specially designed pressure-sensitive urinals with LCD screens, Toylets will make interactive entertainment out of peeing. Controlled by direction and flow rate, games include Mannekin Pis that benchmarks the power of your golden shower, the self explanatory Graffiti Eraser, Milk From Nose, which transposes the strength of your stream into a jet of nasal milk directed at opponents representing previous users of the urinal and The North Wind And Her, where urinary pressure is translated into a breeze, gently lifting the skirt of an anime maiden.

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