Sunday, April 17, 2011

While 45 Americans Are Killed in Tornadoes, Obama Goes Golfing

Human Events is on top of this story:

While Southern states reeled from a massive tornado outbreak that killed several dozen people, Barack Obama played his 64th round of golf as president today. The White House pool reporter filed reports on Obama's departure for the links at Andrews Air Force Base and on his return to the White House. However there are no reports by the media informing the public about Obama's golf outing.

Meanwhile, reports that the tornadoes that swept North Carolina and five other states "nearly moved her [the governor of North Carolina] to tears."


Will Crow said...

Sixty-four holes is... let's see... four rounds of golf. In two years. CRIMINAL! SINFUL!

Come on, man. Watch "Fahrenheit 911" if you want to see a REAL golf-related gaffe.

Will Crow said...

"Savages"? Really"

Will Crow said...

Oops! Sorry! Too many windows open at once!

"Doc Adler" said...

I personally don't care if the President goes golfing or not. I remember they used to count every time President Eisenhower went to the golf course. It's the "let them eat cake" attitude that I object to.