Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good for a Laugh

We have not been paying much attention to the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York and many other cities, as conventional news sources have been providing saturation coverage. But offers some comic relief:

We chicks have recently become aware of a manifesto of sorts being created by some key players within the Occupy Wall Street movement. And while it appears to be in its infancy, not yet ready for release, what I’ve read so far is both frightening and hilarious.

I wanna just look at it and think, “Holy wow – look at the insane ramblings of the crazy hippies” and dismiss it, but the problem with that is that these authors and editors are representative of perhaps hundreds of thousands of like-minded wackjobs who are oblivious to the fact that in their fervor to create a fair and equitable society, their demands, if met, would cause the eventual collapse of our entire country. But you know, whatever. What’s more important is those Wall Street Occupiers are busying themselves pooping in the street (and on police cars!) and interfering with people just trying to get to work in NY. They wouldn’t understand that, you see, what with it being WORK and whatnot.

Incidentally, you all heard that Obama has basically endorsed this movement, right? His entire administration is practically salivating over it. Nancy Pelosi said of the movement, “God bless them for their spontaneity. It’s independent … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, and it’s focused. And it’s going to be effective.” The Tea Party is comprised of racist terrorists, but the hippies pooping in the street? TOTAL PATRIOTS....

The article recommends that you read the entire manifesto, but to whet your appetite, we will quote the section on education:

“Education should be funded with some of the $2 billion/week that goes to war-funding. At least 50% of it. This will weaken our millitary (sci) by 50% at least, forcing the rest of the world to pick up the slack. This will in turn cause their economies to tank, taking ours with it. But at least we’ll be highly educated.”

WHIZZUH WHUZZAH? Let’s tank our economy, knowingly, willfully, because at least we’ll be highly educated? THIS IS HOW THE HIPPIES THINK. “We’ll be impoverished, jobless, hungry, and miserable, but BY GOLLY WE WILL BE EDUCATED.”

But wait. It gets better. They suggest, “Socialize undergraduate level college. Make failing impossible to assure that everyone has the same chance in the work place post-college.” And if you DARE to be smarter than the average Joe, like, say, Harrison Bergeron, than we’ll just figure out a way to suppress your intellect. No more of this silly competition and working hard nonsense. Everyone should get an A!

And of course, it should all be free: “Free education for all. Use former war expenses and equitable taxation of the rich to develop free public schools, free text books, free higher education. Assure that every student educated in the United States has a guaranteed job or can perform service in some way that recompenses their education. Forgive all current student loans.”

ENDNOTE: The Obama regime's nostalgia for OWS reminds us of Mao Zedong's active encouragement of the "Cultural Revolution," which may have aroused fond memories of his young revolutionary past, but caused widespread death and suffering, and also set back China's progress toward becoming the industrial powerhouse it is today by at least 3 decades. Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain gets a lot of mileage out of standing up to the demonstrators, says the L.A. Times.

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