Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild Animals on the Loose in Central Ohio

FOX News/AP reports that as many as 48 animals had been released by their owner, Terry Thompson of the Muskingum County Animal Farm. Sheriff's deputies killed most of them during the night, but a few remain at large. A CNN article provides the additional detail that Thompson probably killed himself after opening the cages. Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo explained in a video that they had no choice but to shoot the wayward animals because the safety of the human population came first and it would have been impossible to use tranquilizer darts at night.

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Anonymous said...

I am heartsick over the slaughter of the escaped animals. The state of Ohio allows some looney to have them. The guy kills himself and the answer is to destroy the innocent. I realize they are dangerous. I realize the potential harzard to people and property. Come on Hanna there had to be another way. These creatures deserved a chance they never really had. Ohio get your act together. This is unforgivable.