Friday, November 11, 2011

70-Year-Old Spitfire, Preserved by Irish Bog, Sees the Light of Day

The BBC News Magazine has a positive news story:

" 1941, Roland "Bud" Wolfe, an American pilot flying a British RAF Spitfire, paid for by a wealthy Canadian industrialist, had experienced engine failure while flying over the neutral Republic of Ireland.

"After flying a sortie over the Atlantic, Wolfe was on his way back to his base in Northern Ireland when he was forced to bail out. He parachuted safely to the ground - his plane smashed into the boggy hillside.

"Fast-forwarding 70 years and local aviation expert Johnny McNee was able to identify the wreck site...."

Many parts were still in good condition, having been preserved by a layer of clay that kept the moisture out. By combining the best parts of its 6 Browning machine guns, they were able to assemble one that can still fire .303 rounds!

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