Sunday, November 6, 2011

Media Double Standard on OWS Mobs Marches On

Rick Moran at American Thinker reminds us of things we already know:

You should read Allah's post on this at Hot Air in its entirety because he knocks it out of the park regarding the media double standard in reporting on the tea party and OWS. Women were discouraged from reporting sexual attacks because the OWS organizers feared it wouldn't look good. But now, with sexual assaults apparently endemic in the encampment, they have reluctantly placed a woman only tent up, patrolled by women....

In a related development, an OWS protester goes ballistic in McDonald's when they refuse to provide him with free food.

I know it's not nice to snicker over someone else's misfortune, but Gateway Pundit has a video about a head and body lice outbreak at the #Occupy Portland camp.

And here's a helpful chart from Doug Ross @ Journal to help you compare the orderliness of Tea Party rallies and the pure lawlessness of Occupy Wall Street and its many clones (click to enlarge):

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