Sunday, November 20, 2011

Most Americans Resisting Efforts to Push the Dollar Coin

A survey reported in the National Journal says that 83% of the public favors holding on to the dollar bill.

"Results from the Luntz Global poll indicate that the American people have lost faith in Washington’s ability to find real solutions to the nation’s debt problems, even as the congressional super committee races against a deadline to agree on a deficit-savings plan by Wednesday. A vast majority of respondents, 81 percent, agreed that Congress has a poor record when it comes to implementing efficiency. Seventy-three percent believed the coin proposal is a political ploy being misrepresented as a means of cutting government costs, and only 15 percent of those surveyed believed the proposal would save taxpayer dollars...."

Randy DeCleene, a spokesman for Americans for George, says that stopping the printing of dollar bills will cost the federal government money for the first several years, maybe break even after 10 years (or maybe not), and impose an extra burden on banks, retail businesses, and any entity accepting dollars as legal tender.

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