Monday, March 14, 2011

More Signs of the End Times

Cover of Al-Shamikha (also known as "Jihad Cosmo") magazine (right)

In our continuing coverage of incredibly evil events, we have the following snippets:

has a story about one or more Palestinian Arabs stabbing 5 members of a Jewish family in Itamar, Israel. This was bad enough, but in Gaza residents celebrated by passing out candy to children.

The "Anonymous" hacker group released a collection of e-mails they claimed to have obtained from a former employee, and posted it on a Web site known as You may have trouble accessing it, if the server is overloaded or if the bank succeeds in shutting down the site.

Glenn Beck's The Blaze describes how the 14 Fleebagger state senators joined protesters in Madison, Wisconsin and were welcomed as heroes. Now they are working to have eight of their REPUBLICAN colleagues removed from office in recall elections.

The Daily Mail (U.K.) says that al-Qaeda has started publishing a women's magazine ("Jihad Cosmo") that combines beauty and fashion tips with advice on how to execute a suicide bombing.

Sometimes the most unlikely sources blurt out the truth. On the "Chris Matthews Show," the liberal host, who once said that Obama gave him a tingle up the leg, inadvertently called him "President Carter."

Pajamas Media ran a story about the Department of Justice setting up a Web site, rehabilitate its damaged reputation among uniformed servicemembers. Good luck, because servicemembers have figured out that this administration is not their friend, particularly in protecting their right to vote. It is an effort to put more “lipstick on the military voting pig.”

If you serve in the military, don’t waste your time looking for help through the website. The DOJ doesn’t want to hear from you....

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