Monday, March 21, 2011

Public Divided Over Obama's Intervention in Libya

Andrew McCarthy in National Review discusses the divergent views that conservatives have taken on coalition military operations in Libya.

Conservative infighting over whether the United States should intervene militarily in Libya is sign of good health. To remain vital, an ideological movement needs to have its basic assumptions challenged occasionally. We need to correct our wayward courses rather than allow mistakes based on faulty strategy to serve as precedents for the next missteps.

Many conservatives (particularly neoconservatives) are strong supporters of intervention, out of a deep conviction that the global advance of freedom promotes American security. I happen to disagree, at least insofar as the “freedom agenda” relies on the U.S. military as its agent. Regardless of where one comes out on the policy, though, we all ought to agree on at least one thing: The Constitution must control the implementation of whatever policy wins the day....

Expect a swirl of controversy from both the left and the right when Obama returns from his taxpayer-funded junket to Brazil, Chile, and El Salvador.

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