Thursday, June 9, 2011

Doubles as a Safe Room

ÜberReview has the story:

Moscow’s latest terrorist attack was perpetrated by a 20-something-year-old man. He strapped himself with explosives, walked into Moscow’s busiest airport and blew himself into little pieces – taking 37 people with him. Serious stuff, and it was just one bombing in a long line of attacks in the Russian capital.

What did they do about it? Well, it can be presumed that they maintained their campaign on the Chechnya and took their frustrations out on a few separatists – but Russia is not stopping there. They are building terrorist-proof public lavatories just to be safe. The outer walls of the new lavatories will be built from ultra-strong fibrous concrete; the interior fittings will be steel and reinforced plastic – and if you spend too long inside (more than 30 minutes) an alarm sounds and the door opens automatically (admittedly that could be bad if you have holed up for protection from a brain-hungry zombie horde).

The toilets will be unisex and the temperature inside will never drop below 16-C (61 degrees Fahrenheit)....

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