Monday, June 20, 2011

How Did Them Hicks Learn to Build Cars and Airplanes?

J.E. Dyer at now reveals the real reason why the union-friendly National Labor Relations Board tried to prevent Boeing from opening its aircraft assembly plant in South Carolina:

"I had to check my paper copy of the Wall Street Journal today to make sure this wasn’t some elaborate prank. Then I double-checked what year it is, to make sure I hadn’t been slingshotted around the sun and found myself back in 1975.

"That’s about when I remember it last being routine for Rust Belt lawyers to publicly disparage the skills and education of people from the South. The only thing missing from the op-ed by Chicago-based lawyer Thomas Geoghegan is the word “hick” or “hillbilly.” WSJ is to be applauded for its determination to feature different viewpoints, but Geoghegan’s piece certainly pushes the envelope.

"The topic is the NLRB ruling against Boeing moving its assembly plant for the Dreamliner to South Carolina. And it really is as bad as my intro suggests...."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, i wonder why the dreamliner is having so many problems???? Is it because it is built by South Carolina hicks????