Friday, June 10, 2011

Newt Is Toast

This just in from Erick Erickson at

Had you tuned in to my radio show two nights ago, you would have heard me tell the world that Newt Gingrich ’s campaign was disintegrating. Had you jumped over to RedState yesterday at noon for my Presidential horserace post, you’d have seen again that sources were telling me Newt’s campaign was in complete meltdown and I did not expect him to survive.

...Many of us admire Newt Gingrich’s intellect, but even while Speaker of the House, Newt had a reputation as uncontrollable and undisciplined. While the press may say the implosion of his campaign has to do with his staff’s loyalty to Rick Perry , I believe the real answer is that Newt too frequently went off message, did not engage, and most likely has not taken the steps necessary to build a campaign war chest of both money and critical allies. And no staffer seeing this would want to wait around for a later more obvious candidate led implosion that makes the innocent staff look culpable.

I’m sure the Mediterranean cruise was one of the last straws.

With Newt in, but his national staff fleeing, there is massive speculation tonight that Texas Governor Rick Perry is going to get into the race....

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