Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain 1, Obama 0

Kevin McCullough at reported that Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church performed a valuable public service by hosting a forum on Saturday the 16th between Barack Obama and John McCain on a variety of religious & moral issues. This article focused on Obama's "nuanced" position on birth control. Here's an example:

His most outright lie was his claim that abortion rates had gone up over the last eight years. Within minutes bloggers at, pro-life groups like Americans United for Life, and even the analyst panel on Fox News Channel had the stats in front of the American public. Abortion rates have actually decreased over the last eight years, and have done so in significant fashion. In fact in January of 2008 it was reported by the Guttmacher Institute and repeated in U.S. News and World Reports that abortions had reached a three decade low.

When asked most forthrightly by Warren as to when a child should have its God given rights protected, Obama balked and claimed "knowing when something" that is obviously living, "begins to live" was, "above his pay grade."

In contrast, McCain got cheers and applause when he declared unequivocally that life begins at the moment of conception. Reality check: it's not for nothing that Planned Parenthood (which makes over a billion dollars a year by preventing parenthood rather than promoting same) loves Sen. Obama.

Here's a link to some YouTube videos with statements from both presidential candidates.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the posting. For single issue voters, this alone is a singlemost important issue that makes your choice for president really a no-brainer.


Bloodthirsty Warmonger said...

Kawika, Sen. Obama cannot ever deny that he is beholden to special interests, as long as he is such a loyal champion of unlimited abortion rights.