Friday, August 8, 2008

Patriots Revolt Endorses Distinguished Conservative Leader, Dr. Alan Keyes

The following statement is excerpted from Harry Riley's (COL, USA, Ret.) newsletter:

"Patriots Revolt is pleased and prayerfully grateful to announce support to Dr. Alan Keyes for President of the United States in the November 2008 election, and 'America's Independent Party' as the hope of long term grass roots restoration of conservative principled America....

"Dr. Alan Keyes, a family man, demonstrated patriot, constitutionalist, believer in 'one nation under God,' defender of our Founding Fathers principles, along with 'America's Independent Party' is a solid and refreshing antidote to the two corrupt major political parties. We have a man and conservative movement of integrity, character, who puts God, our Constitution, and America before anything else.......we have a real choice for America...not a wasted vote on McCain or Obama...."

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