Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photos from the DNC and Blogger Bash

Here's a selection of photos I took in Denver on the 28th:

The type of train I took to get to downtown Denver. All those rumors I heard about congestion and ripoff prices for parking spaces near Invesco Field at Mile High turned out to be quite true.

Street vendors in general must have done well this week, since most visitors bought T-shirts and other souvenirs to take home with them.

This is the Union Station, one of the best-known landmarks in all of Denver. Normally one only has to get off at the light rail stop here and cross the street to get to Trios Enoteca, but this was no ordinary week, so I took a leisurely walk from 16th and California.

Larimer Square, a popular tourist attraction, combines the look of the late 19th century with the modern conveniences of the 21st. It is within easy walking distance of the 16th Street Mall.

This arcade shot in downtown Denver brought back fond memories of my travels in Europe, and one could not ask for better lighting.

A most curious painted cow sculpture on the 16th Street Mall

This blogger, who happened to be traveling incognito, demonstrated the power of his imagination by fantasizing that he was being photographed with Mr. Lady of Whisky in My Sippy Cup, who was a gracious hostess that evening.

The room was dark, so I tweaked the photo in such a way that it looks like a painting. Viewers segregated themselves so that Democrats, liberals, and antiwar people sat in the front of the room, while conservatives, libertarians and Republicans took up the rear.

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