Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Sorry Bunch

The American Spectator ran the following article, "A Lot to Be Sorry About," concerning a member of the House who proposed a written apology for the evil of slavery, which was abolished in the century before last.

"On Wednesday the U.S. House of Representatives apologized for slavery. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Steve Cohen, a white Democrat from Tennessee who represents a majority-black district and faces a black primary challenger. Or in other words, the U.S. House apologizes for slavery and Jim Crow not as a sincere gesture of the feelings of the American people, but to help a white incumbent beat a black challenger in a Democratic primary in Tennessee. Wonderful."

Meanwhile, a public worried about high fuel and food prices and economic uncertainty is anxiously waiting for any sign of contrition from Congress for:

1. Bankrupting the country
2. Refusing to lower gas and oil prices
3. Leaving our borders dangerously insecure
4. Atrocious, indefensible pork-barrel spending (related to #1)

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