Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Proposed Design for the Three-Dollar Bill :-)

This picture accompanied a Free Republic article about the set erected at Invesco Field at Mile High for Barack Obama's acceptance speech, which resembles an ancient Greek temple, and shows all the care and attention someone with too much time on his hands would lavish on such an eye-catching project. Of course we know the law requiring that one has to be dead to appear on American currency or stamps would have to be changed.

UPDATE: From the "It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later" file comes charges reported by KOMO News in Washington state that this gag 3-dollar bill was racist in intent, like anything else that's critical of Sen. Obama.

Featuring a picture of Barack Obama decked out in an Arab headdress with the words "da man" under his picture, the mocking merchandise was prominently displayed alongside the "proud republican" bumper stickers and the "Dino Rossi for Governor" paraphernalia.

In addition to perpetuating the lie that Obama is a Muslim, the fake bill also has some openly racist aspects to it.

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