Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Short = The New Black

This is a story I (all 5'4" of me) can personally relate to. According to this ABC News story, "...a new University of Michigan study published this week in the journal Pediatrics suggests short people are not victimized at any higher rate than their taller peers -- at least not in the sixth grade, the period covered by the researchers."

Not so, says "Jeff," who remembered most about being short throughout school was the constant bullying and name-calling. In gym class, he was always the last one picked for the team.

"I feel embarrassed shopping for clothes, as I have to get my pants in the teen and young sections," he told ABCNews.com. "I still get carded for beer and cigarettes."

"The worst thing about being short is there is nothing I can do about it," said Jeff. "Fat people can diet and exercise, skinny people can eat and lift weights, ugly people can have plastic surgery. Being short is more akin to being disabled...."

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