Thursday, August 13, 2009

Union Thugs Attack Town Hall Protestor

That would be the purple-shirted members of the SEIU--the Service Employees International Union—who (literally) swung into action outside a town hall meeting in Missouri and became infamous on YouTube and national media.

“Town Hall Protestor Roughed Up by SEIU Members” read one headline. The legal system will sort out what happened to David Gladney, the victim of the attack. But public opinion will sort out whether SEIU is sending thugs to town halls.

The union “Purps” also turned out in force at President Obama's town hall in New Hampshire. SEIU brought its people in by chartered buses after getting special tickets from the White House.

And why shouldn’t the president give ‘em freebie tickets? He owes them! After all, the SEIU spent $61-million to help elect him. The union also set aside $10-million to push Obama’s agenda in its post-election “Change That Works” campaign, and pledged more, including 30% of the union's resources and hiring over 1,000 workers in 35 states.

Oddly, that level of orchestration goes unremarked by mainstream media, while conservative organizing gets critical coverage. But liberal members of congress are well aware of the SEIU’s resources and commitment....

Visit "The Purple People Beaters" at Human Events for the rest of the story.

UPDATE: If you read even one page of this House healthcare bill, you just might know more than your Congressman who gets to vote on it!

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