Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stop and Smell the Fish

A spunky reader at Free Republic submitted the following suggestion:

WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is known for sending fish to people who don’t agree with him and now the White House has requested people send them anything “fishy”. We here in Florida have decided to honor their request

We are mailing sardines, anchovies, canned tuna, anything fishy we can think of spread on aluminum foil, folded and inserted inside an envelope. If you dry the idem on paper towels before hand they won’t get the envelope wet and the aluminum foil will keep them intact....BUT NOT AIRTIGHT. They should be nice and ripe by the time they reach DC.

I mailed 12 envelopes of sardines yesterday. The sardines flattened with slight pressure and it only cost one stamp.

Right Wing Extremist

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