Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Tacky Stunt in Denver

Rush Limbaugh read the following news report on his show, largely based on a Denver Post article:

I mentioned before the break that the Democrats have faked a vandalism crime against themselves. Hee,hee. I told you when these town halls started, when they got all raucous, I said, "Don't be surprised," after the White House says you're nothing but an unruly mob and Nancy Pelosi said that everybody's out there wearing swastikas and so forth, I said, "don't be surprised if at the next town hall meeting you go to, a Democrat shows up and tries to act like an extreme, angry conservative, to give everybody on our side a bad name," and it has now happened in Denver. A 24-year-old was arrested yesterday morning on suspicion of smashing 11 windows at the Colorado Democrat Party headquarters. "The person tried to conceal his identity while allegedly committing the crime, according to police descriptions. Maurice Schwenkler [also known as transgendered activist "Ariel Attack"] wore a shirt over his face, a hooted sweatshirt and latex gloves before he and another man fled the scene on bicycles. Maurice Schwenkler was apprehended after a short chase. The other suspect remains at large.

...State Democrat Party Chairwoman Pat Waak initially blamed the vandalism on animosity surrounding the health care debate and then she dialed back on that." The Denver cops declined to comment on motives, but the suspect is a Democrat! The Democrat went out, committed vandalism against the Democrat Party headquarters in Colorado, tried to make it look like an angry Republican over health care. And there's a picture of this Maurice Schwenkler here in the story who broke 11 windows. It's in the Denver Post. Just the sort of thing we've been talking about here, the Democrat Party faking vandalism crimes against itself.

UPDATE: The Denver Post reports that Schwnkler is free on bail.

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