Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bloodthirsty Warmonger Endorses McCain-Palin!

In the course of my election coverage, where I dug up the best available material on all the major (and some minor) candidates, the most vicious and unprovoked attacks came from the right. My position to them has been exactly the same as attacks from the left: just because they turn into moonbats every time they open their mouths doesn't give us the license to sink to their level. As I see it, the system has forced us to choose between Obama and McCain, and while Obama is Jimmy Carter II, there is no guarantee that Ronald Reagan II is waiting in the wings in any of the third-party candidates. The efficient manner in which McCain took out the better-financed Romney organization, and his wisdom in selecting Sarah Palin got my attention, and the discord that lately disturbed the tranquillity of our usually harmonious circle of friends has pushed me off the fence and made me decide to endorse John McCain, mainly because I believe an Obama administration (like Carter's and Clinton's) will be another total disaster for our national defense. Although I respect Col. Riley, I have decided to remove my free advertising for "Patriots Revolt" from this blog so as not to send a mixed signal.

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