Monday, September 8, 2008

Just When You Thought the Democratic Underground Couldn't Sink Any Lower! (Barf Alert)

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Even Mafiosi have sense enough to [usually] leave family members of their rivals alone. The Democratic Underground (DU), not known for being paragons of good taste, offered Gov. Sarah Palin's youngest son, Trig, for sale on a faux-eBay Web page on their site. Free Republic has their number, and captured this image before DU's administrators could pull it off, but not before some of their own readers were saying it was tasteless and "over the top." Here are the first three paragraphs of the article:

We keep saying this — and no one seems to listen — but over the course of this campaign, we’ve met about 50 people who worked on McGovern-72, and every one of them said to us, without quivocation, that the main reason McGovern lost to Nixon was McGOVERN’S SUPPORTERS. The way McGovern’s “youth army” behaved, and the terrible things they did in McGovern’s name, worked against their candidate and every day drove more people who would have never voted Republican over to Nixon.

We’ll try to spell this out even more clearly: when people see things like this anti-Palin Ebay stunt, it makes normal people wonder why they would support SoetorObama, if this is what his followers are up to. It makes people who might have pulled the lever for this man question the very act of putting someone like this into office, when these are the types of followers he attracts.

People do not want to be associated with this sort of filth – and the fact that SoetorObama’s campaign doesn’t clamp down hard and stop this sort of daily, vulgar, nastiness says A GREAT DEAL about the person Oprah calls “The One”.

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