Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shocking News: McCain Not Clueless About Technology

One of the Obama campaign's newest and most tasteless ads illustrates ageism by poking fun at McCain's unfamiliarity with e-mails, overlooking the fact that his war injuries prevent him from using a keyboard without suffering pain. But he is no ignoramus - his fighter pilot experience required a certain degree of technical proficiency, and, hardly a bastion of conservative thought, describes how his 2000 campaign pioneered in many of the Internet promotional techniques that are in common use today.

NewsBusters reinforces these points, mentions that Bill Clinton sent out only two e-mails as President, and includes the following comment from a reader:

Insulting our Disabled Veterans
September 13, 2008 - 16:01 ET by oilcan
I'll take this a step further. How dare Obama and his campaign insult, demean and denigrate thousands of our honorable disabled veterans, past and present, with his mockery of Sen McCain's inability to email. I've been around disabled vets who were blind, deaf, physically impaired and they for the most part, functioned quite well. In some or most cases, they excelled beyond those of us who had no disability. I demand that Obama retract this insult and apologize to not only Sen McCain, but to all disabled veterans who served in our armed forces.

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