Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Not the First Example of Astroturfing, and It Won't Be the Last

An American Thinker article by Clarice Feldman, "Astroturfing, the New Propaganda Plague" warns about a technique used not only by politicians, but by promoters who want to drum up demand for a particular product or service. The article goes on to say,

"Astroturfing is the attempt to create the feeling of a grassroots movement by planting stories around the web through the use of paid or volunteer spammers."

I recommend that you go ahead and read this informative article. Don't let anyone stampede you into spending your money unwisely or doing something you'll regret!

UPDATE: The latest attempt to generate an "Obama = Messiah" meme with the absurd slogan“Jesus was a community organizer; Pilate was a governor” is apparently an attempt to divert public attention away from his limitations as a leader. If you Google the search terms "Obama crybaby," you will call up at least 236,000 references.

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