Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Religion of Peace Strikes Again

Gateway Pundit describes how Paris Dipersico, a Canadian author who had an Islamic upbringing, was waylaid by attackers believed to be Muslim, tied to a tree, and beaten unconscious for publishing a book critical of Islam.

Accused of being gay, they then “called me a Jew in Arabic and said the Jews are paying you to write this against Islam,” the author of Wake Up Call said Thursday.

Dipersico said he also received a “death threat” on his Facebook site, then someone stole files and backup writing discs after breaking into the home he shares with cousin Gabrielle Dipersico — who helped design the book and whose photo is on the cover.

Believing the threat came “from the Middle East,” he said it demanded he remove offensive language.

After treatment for cuts and bruises, Dipersico said on his publisher’s advice, “I’m taking out some of the graphically sexual stuff,” but not the rest.

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