Friday, August 26, 2011

Tripoli to be Libyan Rebels' Seat of Government

A FOX News report says that anti-Gaddafi rebels will be moving their government from the provisional capital of Benghazi to Tripoli.

"We can start rebuilding our country," Finance Minister Ali Tarhouni of the National Transitional Council told a news conference late Thursday. "He (Qaddafi) is the one who is basically in the sewer, moving from one sewer to another."

Even with his regime in tatters, Qaddafi has tried to rally his followers to kill the rebels who waged war for six months to bring down Libya's ruler of 42 years.

"Don't leave Tripoli for the rats. Fight them, and kill them," Qaddafi said in a new audio message broadcast on Al-Ouroba TV, a Syria-based satellite station.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Even if this tyrant is killed or captured, the revolution will be hampered in its progress by: lack of a strong leader, the economic disruption of six months of warfare to date, political and tribal divisions, and their need to be better-organized.

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