Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Lebanon Effect Redux

This isn't rocket science. On 25 June 2008, I wrote the following comment on an article about Hauser's Law:

"Thank you for this most informative article about "Hauser's Law." Money is like a great river that flows around the world at not less than one revolution per day, sometimes faster, nourishing whatever it touches. But certain policies can affect that flow. If you have a command economy like North Korea, the channel will flow around your entire country, leaving it high and dry. If war breaks out (as during the civil war in Lebanon), money can flee at an awesome rate, and the country that used to be the 'Switzerland of the Middle East' suddenly became poor and struggling. If taxes are too high, tax evasion becomes an art form (as in Italy), and much of that river of money plunges into underground channels. The underground economy of this country may already be larger than the total GDP of entire nations, and it will be expected to grow if the Democrats have their way and raise our taxes again. Rich Democrats who push for higher taxes don't expect it to apply to them - that's why they have lawyers, legislators, and accountants on their payroll to create and exploit loopholes."

History is about to repeat itself, as President Obama makes plans to "raise taxes on the rich."

Problem Bank List reports that many wealthy Europeans are in panic mode and have transferred $1.2 TRILLION dollars into the U.S. banking system. Uncertainty about the future of the euro has made them very nervous.

Darwin Central declares that this proposed legislation may as well be named the "Moving Capital to Singapore Act."

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