Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama Fundraising Falls Short of Goals

Keith Koffler, whose White House Dossier blog provides an insider's view of the Executive Branch, quotes a New York Times article stating that his re-election campaign will be raising $55 million in the quarter ending 30 September, as opposed to $80 million in the previous quarter.

"The campaign attributes part of the decline to the need for Obama to stay in Washington address budget battles with Republicans. That is – sorry for the inconvenience – the need to be president.

"But a separate Times article Saturday that said many small donors are hesitant to start giving to Obama again. And it’s no secret that even for Democrats, the thrill is gone...."

However, he still has a following in Hollywood. On his latest visit to California, he raked in $7 million, according to the Washington Times.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidates have been approaching Wall Street and major corporations getting nervous over Obama's demagoguery, union bosses are complaining not because the current President hasn't been generous to them but because they want more, and his liberal base finds it increasingly difficult to explain away the massive corruption, extravagance, thuggery, racism, and incompetence that are the trademarks of his administration. One little-known (and ironic) fact: Republicans rely more on small donors than Democrats - get enough of them interested in your cause, and the money will add up fairly quickly.

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