Friday, July 1, 2011

Aspiring Moviemakers Start a Controversy - And They Haven't Even Started Filming Yet!

This blog is always receptive to films that use Colorado as a backdrop, so I was naturally interested by Onslaught Media's latest project, a "Christian sex comedy" with the working title, "The Waiting Game." They may need to find another title, as another "Waiting Game" movie opened recently. So far Emilio Martinez and Rich Praytor have produced a trailer that they say will not look like the finished product, but is designed to give potential investors an idea of what to expect. Their own description reads, "The Waiting Game is about a guy who saves himself for marriage only to have his fiance leave him on their wedding day. He must now decide if it's worth it to wait again."

An article in the Colorado Springs Gazette provides more details. So does the Huffington Post (the first time this blog has ever linked to them!), which brought up the possibility that former New Life Church preacher Ted Haggard may make a cameo appearance.

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