Saturday, July 2, 2011

North Dakota, Land of Opportunity

Daniel Gross at's Contrary Indicator, describes how North Dakota has defied the current recession:

In recent weeks, North Dakota has been in the news because of the historic and damaging flooding of the Missouri and Souris Rivers. But as the waters subside, it's worth focusing on the state's economy. For at a time of stagnant wages and a high unemployment rate, this vast, lightly populated Peace Garden State is one of the few places in America where jobs are plentiful.

In May nonfarm payroll employment was up 4.3 percent from the year before, and the unassuming state sported a gaudy 3.2 percent unemployment rate. In several counties, the rate is below one percent. The state jobs office has 15,205 listings, up 64 percent from May 2010. North Dakota, which is one of the smallest states by population (about 670,000) and one of the largest geographically, has .7 unemployed persons for every job opening....

UPDATE: The people who currently inhabit North Dakota are a hardy lot, and anyone contemplating a move to that state should prepare for their long winters. I heard it gets so cold that words uttered outdoors in the dead of winter freeze in mid-air, and one has to wait until the spring thaw to hear what was said.

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