Sunday, July 17, 2011

Genuine News: Bank of America Employee Provides Good Customer Service!

Chris Morran at The Consumerist reports on this rare incident:

With all the horror stories we read and write about Bank of America, it's easy to forget that there are BofA employees who understand the value of treating the customer as something other than livestock.

Consumerist reader Josh has a free checking account with Bank of America. Unfortunately, part of the stipulation of such an account is that he add money to the account via direct deposit or face a fee.

Well, Josh just started a new job and his first couple of paychecks were actual paper checks because it takes a few weeks for his direct deposit to kick in. Alas, this means he's stuck with paying the fee to BofA to deposit the checks.

A key part of his description: "The representative was really polite, reviewed my account history, and spontaneously refunded both July and June's maintenance fees because she 'understood exactly' and 'appreciated my good business.'"

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