Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Supreme Court Gets Some Revenge

Looks like the Obama administration's disrespect for the Supreme Court has consequences. The Canada Free Press describes Obama and Holder's unsuccessful attempt to stop the execution of convicted rapist-murderer Humberto Leal Garcia, an illegal immigrant, in Texas. They argued that as a citizen of Mexico, he should be judged by Mexican law, which prohibits capital punishment.

The end of this article will be savored by conservative readers, after being subjected to a slew of bad news:


The part of the court that doesn’t consist of the Wise Latina, the Braying Breyer, the Lesbian Counsel and the Why Doesn’t She Retire Yet So We Can Replace Her With a Spry 50 Year Old Ginsburg… anyway.

This is the legal equivalent of slapping him across the face with a wet fish over and over again. Or slowly explaining to him as if he were a four year old, just how stupid he, Breyer and Holder and the whole crew are.

Read on for the punch lines…

“We have no authority to stay an execution in light of an “appeal of the President, presenting free-ranging assertions of foreign policy consequences, when those assertions come unaccompanied by a persuasive legal claim.”

“Neither the United States nor JUSTICE BREYER, post, at 1–6 (dissenting opinion), cites a single instance in this Court’s history in which a stay issued under analogous circumstances.”

“The United States does not endorse Leal’s due process claim. Instead, it asks us to stay the execution until January 2012 in support of our “future jurisdiction to review the judgment in a proceeding” under this yet-to-beenacted legislation.”

“Our task is to rule on what the law is, not what it might eventually be.”

“The United States and Breyer complain of the grave international consequences that will follow from Leal’s execution. Congress evidently did not find these consequences sufficiently grave to prompt its enactment of implementing legislation, and we will follow the law as written by Congress.”

“We decline to follow the United States’ suggestion of granting a stay to allow Leal to bring a claim based on hypothetical legislation when it cannot even bring itself to say that his attempt to overturn his conviction has any prospect of success.”

This is the Supreme Court’s classy was of pointing a finger and saying, “You are so stupid. Why are you so stupid?”

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