Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chinese Government Closes Fake Apple Stores

Orange News (U.K.) has this story:

Chinese officials have found five fake Apple stores in a south-western city and ordered two of them to suspend business while they are investigated, a local government website said.

Officials could not do anything about the other three stores - which prominently displayed Apple signs and logos - because they did not find any fake Apple products for sale, according to a report by a local newspaper posted on the Kunming city government's website.

The investigation follows a blog post last week by an American woman who lives in Kunming, in Yunnan province, who stumbled across three shops masquerading as bona fide Apple stores in the city. She took photos and posted them on her BirdAbroad blog.

She said they were modeled on the company's iconic stores right down to the winding staircase and the staff wearing the customary blue T-shirts....

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